Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sydney - {Lutz High School Senior Photographer}

You got a chance to meet my youngest daughter the week before in my Macro Monday blog which was on her 15th birthday.  Well today you are meeting my oldest, Sydney.   She is a starting her senior year in high school this August and of course have to have senior portraits!   Sydney often helps me with shoots and has a great creative eye so she's been planning what she wants to do.  We shot these as a quick mini shoot trying to get to this field of black-eyed-susans before they were gone, unfortunately the flowers were gone, but it's still a great field.  We'll be doing a longer session in August with some different looks.

If you're a senior this year or have a child that's a senior, I'd love to talk to you about a Senior Session! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

So have you ever noticed these cobweb type things all over your yard in the morning?  I have and have often wanted to go out and see what exactly they were, but never got around to it  And, up close, they look pretty much look like what they look like from far...spider webs...but more beautiful because covered with dew drops they looked more like strings of pearls criss crossing the blades of grass.  Up close the drops reflected the geometric weave of the web and left this really cool hexagon shaped design reflecting inside the drops.

I did a little research on line to try and figure out what these things are.  And it looks like it may be from grass spiders which don't have sticky spider webs, but create webs that have a funnel like opening in the middle that draws their prey down into the hole.  I didn't happen to see any spiders while laying in the wet morning grass, but now that I know what they are...I will be on the watch!

Morning grass spider webs weren't the only macro treat this morning because after I had finished downloading the photos of the webs, my husband came in and asked if I still had the macro out.  Well of course!  Hanging out just outside my office window was the cutest tree frog.  He lives behind this metal art piece we have up on the wall by the front door and don't really get to see him out.  But...there he was and he was great about not taking off while I got super close to him.  I can only imagine that he thought the camera lens was a giant animal's eye staring him down!  I could see his little throat moving in and out very quickly.  I love the green in his skin as well.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

As inspiration would have it, my youngest of two daughters turned 15 today - Monday, July 2nd.  So what better Macro Monday topic than Casey!   When she was born 15 years ago newborn photography wasn't where it's at today.   I often find myself thinking about not capturing the details of both my daughters when I photograph a newborn now.  They are details that change so quickly and I wish I had them.

I figured, I'd capture the details now at 15.  Why not.  We are always changing, maybe not as quickly, but changing none the less and I'm sure I will want a reminder of those little things like how her eyes can vary from gray to blue to green and somewhere in between depending on what she's wearing or her mood;  her silly pucker faces, her slender fingers and her smile (which I hope to see forever).  

Fifteen brings driver's permits, harder high school homework, boys, messy rooms and many more things to make a mom go crazy, but even more to make my heart swell with love and pride in the beautiful young woman she is becoming.  I love you Casey!