Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Downtown Tampa - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

Last Friday night I finally got started on a project that my husband and I have talked about me doing for the past couple of years now.  I just never got around to starting!   What's the project and what kicked by behind in gear to get going you ask?  

Well, see, not only am I a native Floridian, I'm a third generation Tampa native (rare, I know!) and we thought it would be really special to display photos of local landmark in our home, particularly ones that are more personal to my memories and those of my family.   I have short list of locations with a few more making their way on it.    And what prompted the urgency to get these started at least??   We're moving this summer.  Duty calls and it will be taking us to Jacksonville this summer.  So, although there will be frequent visits back "home" to Tampa, I'm sure I'll want to be spending most that time with visiting family and friends. I need to make a dent in my photo wish list now!

Back to last Friday night.   The awesome Ray and Pam took us out on their pontoon for a sunset cruise down Hillsborough River into Tampa Bay.  There will be a few more images to come from that ride, but for now...here's one of a blue lit old draw bridge by the Straz Center and the University of Tampa in downtown Tampa.