Saturday, June 30, 2012

Loren - {Tampa Bay Maternity Photographer}

I know it's been a while since I sneaked a peek at a couple of Loren's mini maternity session, but I am finally getting to post the rest!   Since this was a mini, we did studio style on white and gray paper and a couple of outfit changes.  I'm really looking forward to the full session when she's further along and Daddy can join in!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Loren Sneak - {Tampa Bay Maternity Photographer}

I was so excited to take Loren's maternity photos.  We are doing this in two sessions, one, this one, earlier in her pregnancy and then again at the more common time (about 34-36 weeks).   Here are just s couple of the shots from the mini session.  More to come!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Bay Beach Photographer}

It's been pretty hectic around the house the past couple of weeks and I'm afraid I've neglected my Macro Monday posts.  I hope that the change of scenery with this week's post makes up for it!  We had a chance to head down to visit very good friends in South Florida.  They moved this past year to Pompano Beach and we hadn't seen their new digs, and what AWESOME new digs they are! Condo on the beach, beautiful cool breeze all weekend - barely broke a sweat in the middle of June.  Can you believe that?   I was super inspired and shot so much.  I hope to share some of my landscapes that I did as well as the macro, but could be a few weeks before I get those done.

In the meantime - Here are a few of the things that I saw on the beach during my walks.  Sadly, not all was beautiful.  There was a lot of scattered liter in the seaweed building up on the shore - turtle nesting season, so no clearing of the beach during this time.  I don't remember ever seeing so much before and I've lived in Florida all my life.  The worst was a debris field of red solo cups from some not so environmentally responsible party goers the night before a couple of which seemed to still be on the beach at sunrise.   Fortunately there was more than enough beauty to make up for it all.

Old coral on the beach.  The brown part is the skeleton of sorts of the coral (white part) that remains.

Amazingly different textures in the coral "rocks" that make up a border along the walk way.  I could have done an entire post just on this alone!  Hmm - I just may have to go back! 

Beach sand spurs!  So that's what they look like up close.  My foot found one before I moved on as well.

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So fun to watch the water bubble up as waves pass over the little holes on the shore where little shelled creatures live.

Sadly, liter was abundant as well.

So many turtle nesting sites along the beach!  My friend told me that all the newer buildings have blue tinted glass to help stop the young hatchlings go for the light from the building windows.  Baby turtles follow the moonlight back to the water.  This blue glass is known as Turtle glass. 

A child's teddy bear shaped flip flop.  Although I'm sure left inadvertently after a day at the beach, this site was a little disturbing.

There were a number of little fish washed up on the shore as well.  This one was lying by a shell and blanketed by seaweed. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Headshots - {Tampa Bay Headshot Photographer}

Headshots -  A photo that focuses on a person's face for the purposes of letting people know who you are and hopefully, help them remember YOU!    From actors to business professionals, a good headshot is an important tool in your career/business growth, in conveying who you are.   Contact me for information headshot session packages and selecting one to suit your needs!

Below are images from Victoria's session. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Show it! - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

I'm so excited!!  I've printed my first "art" piece!   I probably should wait until it's up on the wall to share this, but I can't.  Patience is not always my strong suit.  I originally shot the image back in October during a festival at Withlacoochee State Park.  I was inspired by an episode of Peter Lik's show on the Weather Channel (I think that's the channel) in which he tilted the camera down while shooting to create a "painted" effect.   There was this area of pine trees that were all lined up, creating a vertically strong image that I thought this technique might look interesting.   And it sure did!  I couldn't have been happier.

It has remained a digital file until I wanted to try out a new canvas lab and thought, hey, what about my painted trees?   Below is the product and I couldn't be more thrilled with both the photo and the lab.   The first photo is the digital image - please not that the "painted" effect was achieved in camera and other than small white balance and color adjustments, this is the photo as I shot it.

30 x 40