Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bar Mitzvah! - {Tampa Bay Event Photographer}

I was so excited and honored when the S family asked me to shoot their son's Bar Mitzvah.  I was also a little nervous as this was my first Bar Mitzvah.  They were so kind and the party was such a good time, that I soon realized that there was nothing to be nervous about! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm gonna get personal here!  The images from this post were not for a client, but from my daughter's 8th grade dance.  I co-chaired the 8th Grade Activities Committee with the most awesome Lori Nissalke.  The dance which was Saturday night has been in the planning stages since the end of the last school year!  Well planning as in brainstorming and Lori N's wonderful ICE idea!  From there on out, things kept coming together till we ended up with what you see below.   I debated throwing out thank you's for fear of forgetting someone - because you can't pull this off without a lot of support on ALL levels.  I felt like I couldn't go without mentioning a couple of the parents that were so big in making this happen.  If I forget to mention you, I am truly sorry and promise to thank you in my next post!  See, it's almost better because you will be featured!  I've already mentioned Lori Nissalke, the best co-chair a co-chair could have - bargain shopper extraordinaire, wonderfully creative and quite the visionary.  Without the creative talents of Rose Antonini (A & E Events), Dr. Deb Berkew, Cindy Nott and Karen Cuervo we could not have done what we did.   The look on the kids' faces when they came in made it worth every single minute spent on this event.

I am having a hard time not going on and listing everyone that helped out big and small, but I'd be here all day and not get to the pictures.  Please know from the bottom of my heart that I appreciate all the hard work and generosity from EVERYONE that did ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!  And now...the pictures!  For a look at even more shots - check out my Lori Anne Photography Facebook Page.
Yes!  This is a middle school cafeteria!
You can't leave out the bathrooms!

One of NINE ice sculptures! 

Rose with A&E Events created these beautiful chandeliers for the eating area.

We gave Mark Mazur some smaller pieces and one large 4x8 piece of plexiglass that very generously donated and asked him to create a piece to hang behind the DJ table.  He came back with an amazing three dimensional masterpiece! The Mazurs were also incredibly generous in their donation of the lighting for the event!

The Ice Bar - Another Rose creation!

One of two pit style seating areas

Each of the six high top tables had an ice sculpture - How can you have an ICE theme without ice sculptures!

In our early brainstorming sessions, I said it would be fun to have a giant "frozen blocks of ice" with what appeared to be a student in a Martinez uniform shirt frozen inside.  Rose took that and created our giant ice cube photo op!  Thank you to Dr. Deb's husband who beautifully executed Rose's plans!

Lori N found these awesome icicle lights around Christmas time that have chasing blue LED lights and though - This will make a GREAT chandelier!  And it DID!
And the one project closest to my heart - Our Ice Cave entrance.  I thought it would be so cool (pardon the pun) to have the kids come into their ICE themed dance through an ice cave opening.  I really didn't know if it would be doable, but my husband Eric and another dad Jeff Salt, talked and came up with an idea - that pretty much mirrored the idea that Rose sketched out as well for how to construct it.  Eric and Jeff spent three and a half days assembling this mind blowing feature! 

One thing I learned, white tarps do NOT glow in black light.  It all worked out well in the end with some beautifully applied black light paint. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Layflat Book - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

I'm was so excited to get this client's shipment!  I have been working on a project for the University of Tampa Softball team.  There were six seniors this year and as their gift, the Coach asked me to put together a memory book for them that represented their time with the team.  I shot  several of their games (they are at Regionals this weekend and are ranked in the top 15 in the country - I believe - don't quote me on the exact ranking, but it's right around there) and a practice in an effort to capture all the things that were special to these lovely and talented ladies.  From injuries to superstitions to great plays on the field - it's all in there!  Best wishes to you all for a happy and successful future!

The book is a layflat press book with a custom cover.  The layflat book is an affordable alternative to the layflat album.  The pages of the book are gloss stock for a nice finished look!

Covers were customized for each player - satin finish

Custom cover images wrap around front and back.

Gloss pages bring out the contrast and richness of the pages.