Monday, May 28, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

I wanted to start off my Memorial Day Macro Monday post by expressing my gratitude to those that gave their life to protect this country, our freedom and liberties.  We are forever indebted to your bravery and sacrifice.

I just have one photo today and it's from my visit to the powwow mentioned in last week's Macro Monday post.  Walking back to festivities with daughter after exploring an area of the woods, Casey spotted this little guy on the black rock path.  I've never seen anything like him before.  The green on his wings is almost neon.  If anyone knows with this bugger is, PLEASE let me know!

I hope you have enjoyed your long weekend (if you had one) and until next time! :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

THAT'S HOT! - {Lutz Event Photographer}

It's that time of year again!  The Martinez 8th Grade Dance.  There is no other school that puts on an end of the year dance, no EVENT than Martinez Middle - more specifically their PTSA. Every year, this group of amazing parents volunteer hours on end to bring to life a theme inspired send off that many high school proms would envy. PTSA's Jill Liebesman, chair of this year's  FIRE themed dance, brought to life this smoking hot 8th Grade celebration with the help of more people than I can name!  (can you believe this is the middle school's cafeteria??!)  Congrats to all that spent weeks and weeks planning, volunteering and working into the night.  You did good!

The entrance to FIRE - In every day life, that's one of the hallways.

Even the bathrooms get the full treatment!

Girls bathroom

Boys bathroom

The drink station.  Can't have a FIRE themed dance with out some cold slushees to cool things down!

A contributor to the evening's decorations was Rose Antonini, owner of A & E Events LLC.  Can see more of her work on last year's dance ICE

Seating area to rest the burning feet from hours of dancing.  Those flames in the background are being cast from something called a "Flametron."  Pretty cool! Err I mean hot!

You can't have a dance called FIRE without a fire truck standing by!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Photographer}

Macro Monday is back.  I'm sorry to have missed posting last week as I did have these photos, but the time just got away from me.  

As I mentioned, I had these images last Monday because they came from the 21st Annual Mother's Day PowWow held at the Withlacoochee River Park in Dade City.   I've been to this park before and posted some images as well, so I thought instead of standard journalistic images from the celebration, I'd only shoot with my macro.   Now I've said this before, your macro lens is great for more than just close ups.  With the length (100mm) and an F2.8 ability, you can get a very narrow depth of field that is beautiful for slightly wider shots as well.  It's probably my favorite lens.   The images that follow are just a few of the sights from my day at the festival.

Colorful Dreamcatchers

Small broom

Beautiful jewelry


This was a very cool breastplate made from shell casings.

The feathers on this piece had an almost metallic sheen to them.

The inside of a horn.  

These leather straps have a variety of uses from drum making to clothing.

Anaconda skin purse.

Sweetgrass is used for smudging, prayer and more.  You can read about it here.

Sage is a very important part of Native American ceremonies.  Read more about it here.

Abalone Shell used to hold sage, sweet grass and other herbs for smudging.

There are many styles of Native American flutes, each with their own designs ranging from simple to elaborate. This flute is from Island Flutes.

I met Michael owner of the  FBI (Flat Broke Indian).  He was showing me the used "Washer/Dryer" he had for sale!  He was  so funny and I must say had some really cool things for sale at his booth!  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sneak Peek at Alex! - {Tampa Bay Confirmation Photographer

Alex is getting ready to receive the sacrament of Confirmation this weekend. We got together at the beautiful St. Paul's in Tampa for some portraits.  Here's a sneak peek!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UT Seniors - {Tampa Senior Photographer}

  The coach for the University of Tampa's Softball team asked me to create a book for the team's seniors as a gift for the end of season.  I had so much fun doing this project last year, that I was so excited to be able to do it again this season!   And of course having done it before, I had been thinking of things that I wanted to try and get into this year's book.  One of those things was a studio type sports portrait for the back of the book.  I was so pleased with how they turned out.  Those images are below along with the first page of the book.  Next post I will have some shots of the outside of the book.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Photographer}

I want to dedicate this week's column to my high school friend Antionette Lombardi Cuellar.  Antionette lost her battle with breast cancer on Friday.  She was an amazing, strong, gracious and happy person, even through her struggle.  I lost touch with Antionette after high school and only reconnected a few years ago through Facebook.  A group of girls (now women) from my graduation class meet once a month for Girls Night Out.  I saw a post about one of the get togethers and now that I was living in Tampa again, I of course wanted to join.  Antionette was one of the group of wonderful women that came out to the GNO's and we caught up with all that was going on, including her battle with cancer.  She always smiled, was always positive and always hopeful.  Looking at the comments on her page, so many people looked at her as a hero, someone inspiring you to be the best you can be and to look at life's challenges as a blessing.   She said just that the last time I saw her at a Cancer walk in October.  She said that she believe that she was blessed to be able to educate others about the importance of getting annual examinations, that God picked her because of her "ability" to talk a lot!   What grace.   Her message, that I want to tell you all for her, is not to be afraid to get your mammogram, don't be afraid to do monthly exams.  The fear stopping you from getting an early diagnosis is more deadly than anything.

I am so sorry for the GNO's I missed because I was too busy to make time to go.  It is time that I missed with Antionette and the rest of an amazing gathering of Tampa Catholic women who are so strong and supportive of each other.  I know it's cliche, but it's the truth...Life is short and we don't know what is around the corner.  Make the most of every day.

I shot this week's images a few weeks ago when my youngest daughter was going to sing the National Anthem at her high school baseball team's game.  While waiting, I of course had my camera in hand and my macro, I noticed the late afternoon sun against the chain link fence that was across the back of the bleachers.  I thought it was intriguing, the lines and how they twisted around each other.  So, I photographed it.  I didn't think at the time that those lines intersecting and connecting the length of the fence would today remind me of Antionette and our GNO group.  We are linked to our dear friends and family forever in our hearts.  And we are stronger because of it.