Monday, November 12, 2012

Macro Monday! - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

Each year we attend theNative Rhythms Festival in Melbourne, Fl.  We usually stay at the same cottages on the beach nearby.  And each year I find new things on the beach to photograph!  It's a beautiful beach with little built up near it.  I'll show you more from there in an upcoming post, but for today, I am going to share the macros from our stay and well, one extra special photo.  My oldest, yet still my baby turned 18 today.  I just can' believe how quickly time flies.  My youngest's birthday also fell on a Monday this year and I did some detail shots of her - newborn photography style.  I didn't get to do that today with my oldest, but I will share those with you next week!

 There's a gorgeous picket fence out back of the cottage where we stay.

Beautiful red veining in the sea grapes.  I've never noticed it to be so red before!

Ever wondered what a sand spur looks like?  Well here you go!  Looks mean doesn't it??  Sure doesn't surprise me considering how much they hurt!  The first day I went "off road" and walked onto the grass to get a different angled shot of the fence WITHOUT shoes. Big mistake.  Came out of there with probably 15 sand spurs on my feet!  After that it seemed like no matter where I walked, I got one!  

This was a really cool find.  At first we thought it was a piece of concrete washed up on the shore, but upon closer inspection, it looks like crushed and compressed sea shells.  I've never seen anything like it.  

Something else I've never seen were these little green bean pod appearing, bean pods sprouting all over the shores edge.

There were dozens and the next morning even further up the beach than the day before!

Right near the sea wall was this vine with some kind of pods.  

I love having my morning coffee on the beach!  If I ever win the lottery, I'm getting a beach house!

This is my 18 year old!  Happy Birthday!  xoxoxoxo

Thursday, November 8, 2012

M Family - {Tampa Bay Family Photographer}

Meet the M Family!  They were so nice to work with and I really enjoyed spending time with them at Philippe Park for our session!

I love that this park has so many versatile areas to shoot.  The park is situated on Tampa Bay and when the tide is out, you get this great sandy area complete with Mangroves and rocks!

There's also these great brick walls and several stairs that surround the 
historical Indian burial ground at the park

The M's love to read and wanted to reflect that in their family photos.  It's such a great 
personal touch to add items that mean something to you when having your family photographed. 
Be sure to discuss it ahead of time with your photographer (hopefully me!) so you can plan ahead and make the most of what you would like to do!

And what's a park without trees, green grass and a great setting sun!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

What a day!  I was soooooo excited to be able to attend and photograph the birth of baby G today!  What an amazing experience!  I knew childbirth was a miracle and was blessed to experience it first hand not once but twice, with my own daughters, and to be able to see it from another perspective was, well, just was awesome!

I can't really share much from the day, but hopefully mom and dad will ok some later.  In the meantime, I figured how appropriate to have today's blessed event the theme for my Macro Monday post!  Here are just a few of the sights from today...

It was actually 7am...the clocks hadn't been turned back yet from this weekend's
time change.  Dad fixed it though!

Baby G's first diaper and hat!

Does he not totally look like he's smiling?!!

I had forgotten that they put antibiotic ointment on the newborn's eyes right away.
Happy BIRTH day 
Baby G!