Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Abby - {Tampa First Communion Photographer}

I shared a sneak of Abby's First Communion portrait session a couple of weeks ago.   Below are my favorite images from the session as well as a BONUS!   As I explained in my sneak, the beautiful dress that Abby is wearing belonged to and was worn by Abby's mom Melissa when Melissa received her First Communion as a child.  What a wonderful gift to give your daughter during this special event, one she will only grow to appreciate more as she ages and can reflect back on the connection.  Well Melissa also shared a gift with me.  She sent me a picture from HER First Communion!  I can't tell you how touched I was to see it and how honored to be able to put it side by side with Abby's photo to share with you!

Here's Abby!

Mom and Abby! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Photographer}

It's amazing how much there is to photograph just outside my front door.  We've got penta plants which bees and Monarch butterflies love to feed from the flowers and milkweed on which the butterflies lay their eggs.  The caterpillars eat the leaves until they are full grown and turn into butterflies.  It's great to see the whole cycle right outside the door!  While we've had a number of Monarchs cocoon around our house, we've never had two right next to each other.  Last week, about 2 hours before dawn you could see that the one to the left was very dark at least that's how it looked from the ground.  As history would indicate, it would likely emerge before or around sunrise.  I pulled out the ladder as my trusty step stool wasn't going to get my 5'2" self up high enough for this job.  In between the kids getting ready for school and me getting ready for the day I kept popping my head outside.  I was so excited about the possibility of seeing the Monarch actually emerging as this is an event that has escaped me, but knew it would only take a minute and I could miss in between my morning tasks.  I grabbed some shots of the cocoon up close and was stunned to see that it wasn't just dark, the cocoon was actually see through at this point and the dark is actually the butterfly! You could see the orange on its wings all curled up into this incredibly small space! That paired with the site of a newer, still green cocoon within inches was just so amazing!  I am a nature geek, I know.   I had hoped till this little guy waited till the sun came up before coming out so the light would be more beautiful and well, it complied!  After all the demands of my morning were met, I parked myself on the ladder and waited, and waited and then I noticed what seemed to be a slight break at the bottom of the cocoon.  Within seconds, the crack opened more and the butterfly pushed it's way out, head first, then slowly opening its wings!  It moved around till it found the right spot to wait while its wings dried and it was able to take flight.   There are a lot of shots, but I just couldn't narrow them down any further and still show the process.  I hope you enjoy!

 This little guy was making his way up the same wall!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Photographer}

Hello!  Welcome back to Macro Monday.  Today's macro is once again from my garden.   We are growing a sunflower - yes, just one sunflower.  The pictures below is the sunflower before the beautiful yellow leaves start to unfold.  The outer green petals remind of an artichoke (one of my fave veggies - stuffed with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, but I digress.)

I'm hoping to cook up some of the zucchini flowers featured last week.  When we do, I will be sure and share the process as well as the results.  Maybe I'll do Foodie Friday and feature recipes along with pictures...hmmm ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Photography}

For this week's Macro Monday, I went into our garden.  We started planting a little early this year because it was such a relatively mild winter.  Granted, we live in Florida, so some would argue winter is always mild!  One of the veggies we are growing is zucchini.  Love zucchini steamed or on the grill.  But I was remembering seeing that you can fry the flowers and that they make delicious eating.  Intrigued by this idea, I researched on-line recipes and what to look for.  I got quite the education.  Turns out there are "male" and "female" flowers. You can eat either, but if you want to get any zucchinis, pick only the males!   For this post, I was interested in the flower details and locating the males and females.  We've not cooked them up yet, but I will definitely share the process and results when we do!  That, and likely more vegetables from the garden in future posts.

Zucchini Flower Bud

New blossoms are the best to pick for cooking/eating.

This is a female zucchini flower.  Although the females are equally as fine for eating, leave them on the plant if you want to have zucchinis as well!

And here is the male zucchini flower.  It's best to pick these for cooking, but you may want to leave one or two to help he females do their part of the process!  Or even go and sprinkle a little pollen from the male onto the female flower before you take them into the kitchen!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Savannah and Styles - {Pasco Pet Photographer}

Last week I met Savannah and Styles and they were two of the most awesome pooches I've ever met.  Savannah was a total model and rocked her session complete with a sparkly necklace.  Styles, the much older of the two, carries his age gracefully and was so sweet to work with.   You'll catch a peek of Mr. Libby as well who must have sniffed out the fact that I have two cats at home and couldn't stay away!  He managed a photo or two as well.

Without any further ado...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Abby Sneak - {Lutz First Communion Photographer}

Here's a sneak peek at my session with Abby.  She is preparing for her First Communion.  I've always wanted to shoot portraits for a First Communion and her mom was so wonderful to let Abby be my first!  Speaking of Abby's mom, the dress, bible and rosary are all from her First Communion!  How beautiful is that?   More of Abby next week, but here she is for now...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

I know I say it all the time...I love my macro lens!  So I figured, why randomly post macro shots here and there throughout the week?  They should have a special day, so those of you who enjoy macro photography (and mine hopefully), will know to expect any macro shots on the newly dubbed Macro Monday!

Today's Macro Monday brings two images captured right outside my front door.  Yes, bugs.  What can I say.   I really like seeing these super tiny things up close!  And for the most part they are OUTside, not INside, so they don't "bug" me...parump ump!

We plant milkweed in the garden to attract Monarch butterflies, which lay their eggs on the plant.  The growing caterpillars eat the leaves and then find a place to nearby and transform into a beautiful Monarch, repeating the cycle!  This little guy wasn't any bigger than about an inch!  I honestly sat down to photograph the little flowers when I saw him in the shot.  My focus quickly shifted. 

This guy wasn't so little.  How the heck are the male mosquitos so BIG compared to the females?  At least they aren't the ones that bite!   ***CORRECTION  This is a Crane Fly often mistaken for a male mosquito.  Go figure!