Sunday, April 1, 2012

USCGC Blackthorn Follow Up - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

Back in January I share photos from the USCGC Blackthorn Memorial held off St. Petersburg Skyway Bridge.  You can read about if you missed it by clicking here.   I received an email this weekend from a woman named Jessica.  She told me that her uncle Glen Harrison was one of the Blackthorn's crew that perished that horrible night.  Jessica found my blog and the photos through her efforts to create a scrapbook for her grandmother, Glen's mother.  She asked if I had any additional photos, but more specifically one of her uncle's flower with his name.    My first thought was that I probably didn't.  I had only photographed 5 roses being lain down.  And of those, only a couple were up close.  I went back and looked at my images that I had not processed and to my surprise and chills, one of those roses WAS his!  The ribbon is facing the other way, but you can clearly see that it is his name.  I couldn't believe that of the over  20 roses that were put down, HIS was one of the ones that was photographed and that his niece would somehow find my blog and write to me.    It is such a small world and I guess we could say it was coincidence, but I do believe that there is a higher power or spirit that helps guide us to certain discoveries and experiences.

I also have to say a big Thank You to all those that serve in the Coast Guard and our Military for their sacrifices and all they do allowing us to do what we do every day.

Here's the SA Glen E. Harrison's rose:


  1. What a touching story!

  2. Oh wow! what a fabulous find!! So glad you had that image! Beautiful! I know the family will appreciate this forever.