Monday, April 2, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

Happy Monday!  Hope you have a great day...or had one...depending on when you are reading this. :)   Today's Macro Monday is a sequel my previous Sunflower Macro Monday post which you can see here. Our beautiful garden sunflower opened!  It's huge and...well wavy in the middle, the latter not being a feature I was expecting.  Next step for this flower is to dry it out when all the seeds mature, roast them and enjoy a yummy snack.

I captured these early morning with the rising sun's light.  Kind of made sense for a "sun" flower.

See what I mean by "wavy"?  
And you don't always have to get in close with your macro.  It is great for pulled out shots as well!  


  1. ohhhh I love sunflowers!! love your macro shots!

  2. great pics, sunflowers are such cool flowers!

  3. Neat!! What a gorgeous sunflower!

  4. I love the sun flare images, beautiful!