Monday, May 20, 2013

LAYFLAT BOOKS - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

In honor of my own senior's last day of high school today, I am posting pics of the layflat books I did for the seniors on the University of Tampa's softball team!

This is my third year creating books for the UT's softball seniors and I was really pleased with the changes that I made this year to the cover and layouts.  Inside the book are actions shots from the season, images of team traditions, practices and a couple of portraits all to remind them of their time on the team in the years to come.  It's a great gift from the Coach.

LayFlat books are available with custom image covers as well as leather in a variety of colors. 

Page options include smooth, smooth with a gloss finish and pearl!  I went with gloss for this book.  Pearl is beautiful for softer themed books such as a baptism, senior or engagement photos.


The book lays flat (thus the name) when opened allowing for images to cross the center of the book allowing for creative spreads.


  1. Great pictures and these books look pretty awesome!

  2. That's neat! ~Megan

  3. Those look great!! I bet they love them.

  4. These are stunning - I love layflat albums!