Monday, March 12, 2012

Macro Monday - {Tampa Photography}

For this week's Macro Monday, I went into our garden.  We started planting a little early this year because it was such a relatively mild winter.  Granted, we live in Florida, so some would argue winter is always mild!  One of the veggies we are growing is zucchini.  Love zucchini steamed or on the grill.  But I was remembering seeing that you can fry the flowers and that they make delicious eating.  Intrigued by this idea, I researched on-line recipes and what to look for.  I got quite the education.  Turns out there are "male" and "female" flowers. You can eat either, but if you want to get any zucchinis, pick only the males!   For this post, I was interested in the flower details and locating the males and females.  We've not cooked them up yet, but I will definitely share the process and results when we do!  That, and likely more vegetables from the garden in future posts.

Zucchini Flower Bud

New blossoms are the best to pick for cooking/eating.

This is a female zucchini flower.  Although the females are equally as fine for eating, leave them on the plant if you want to have zucchinis as well!

And here is the male zucchini flower.  It's best to pick these for cooking, but you may want to leave one or two to help he females do their part of the process!  Or even go and sprinkle a little pollen from the male onto the female flower before you take them into the kitchen!


  1. The first and third images are absolutely stunning. Very well executed.

  2. Stunning! I love your use of color and depth of field!

  3. Loving these macros! You do such a great job with them!

  4. These are some GREAT macro shots, Lori Anne!

    I love them all but the second one needs to be on display!

  5. I'm such a fan of macro photography! What a fun project!

  6. Here in Michigan it has been mild winter also, was just saying time to get some clear plastic and get the garden in soon. Beautiful images, and now I cannot wait to get my gardening going!