Monday, January 2, 2012

THE 52 WEEK CHALLENGE - {Tampa Bay Photographer}

If you love to take pictures and frequent sites like Flickr, you may see the 365 Day Challenge where you take a new photo each day.  Sometimes there are themes.  These challenges are created to to help keep you shooting, staying open to creative ideas.   I kind of felt like the 365 day Challenge was a little bit more than time would allow, so just for fun, I've decided on the 52 Week Project. Basically, one photo a week for the year. Ideally, there will be a theme each week for the photo and I'd love suggestions as we go. If you want to take part, you are welcome to post your photo to my Facebook page ( Lori Anne Photography )as well.    What do you think? This week's theme will be, appropriately enough, "New Beginnings." 

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